We’re Barber Martin and we’re underdog fighters. That is to say, our best client partners have always been challenger brands. Because we’re a challenger brand. And we like a good fight. So for 25 years our focus and strength has been to help build retail stores into retail chains, and retail chains into bigger retail chains. Along the way we’ve also become pretty good at helping companies that provide the goods to those stores and chains sell their wares too. The reason we’ve been able to do such great things for so many kinds of clients, no matter what new thing has come down the pike, is that we follow a set of unique guiding principles that have never let us down. The first is our “sales overnight, brands over time” philosophy. The second is our “conserve and dominate” approach. And the last is the belief that true breakthroughs along the customer path only happen when you “let the customer lead”.  If you’d like to see big positive percent gains on your books, then give us a chance to show you how we might get them. Not only will you get some extra insight into your business, but you’ll also gain insights into why our clients tend to stay with us four times longer than the industry average. We’re Barber Martin and we look forward to hearing from you.