Bringing Efficiency and Experience to Video Design

Introducing BMA’s Newest Digital Content Division —  Highly experienced and nimble in nature- Quick Brown Fox, a video creation and motion design studio focuses on meeting the rising demand for agile web content and cost-effective ...
Black Friday - no big deal anymore?

2017 Holiday Shopping Forecast — Black Friday is No Big Deal?

Black Friday is here again! Well not here, yet. But that’s how it's worked for years, it’s here even before it’s here, right? It’s the big event before the big event. Retailers and the advertising ...
balancing results and discovery in new media

70/20/10 — The Responsible Recipe for Discovery and Innovation

Say it with me now. Seventy, twenty, ten. Seventy, twenty, ten. Is it the recommended ratio of lean proteins to fats and carbs? Maybe it’s a stock market strategy or a component in a learning ...

The Spirit of Halloween Spending

As Halloween approaches this year’s spooky spirit is at an all time high. According to the National Retail Federation's Annual Halloween Survey on eMarketer, Halloween spending will increase by 8.3% from last year with record ...
Using digital coupons at retail is not old fashioned

Contemporary Coupons — More Than Old Fashioned Value

I was the kid that thought it was fun to cut the coupons out of the Sunday paper then sort and organize them for the proper category placement in my mom’s coupon organizer. Sure, you ...
The New Retail Ecosystem and the Need for Traditional Chains

The New Retail Ecosystem Needs Traditional Chains

Twenty years ago, I watched the movie You’ve Got Mail starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks and hated the fictional big chain Fox Books (owned by Hanks) for driving Ryan’s small, independent book store out ...

Barber Martin Welcomes Jane Broadbent! 

Jane has joined the Barber Martin team as our new Senior Strategist. A Brandcenter alum, her career in marketing has allowed her to put her touch on some great brands like Walmart, HCA, Bon Secours, ...

Will Kohl’s Harness Amazon’s Foot Traffic?

Kohl’s is bringing Amazon’s brand and customer service into their floor space. The apparel giant will now allow Amazon returns to be serviced through Kohl's store locations. The move is controversial, but without much analysis the first ...
brick and mortar dollar store shopping

It’s a New Day for Dollar Stores

In the past “dollar stores” have been seen as the misfits of mainstream retail. Over the past few years, they’ve evolved. They are now tough competition in the retail landscape. Why? And how has this ...
Millennials are parenting their pets

Millennial Pet Parents

These days it's almost impossible to scroll through your social media feed without seeing your friends gushing over their pets; I'm guilty of doing it myself. My cat is both regal and gorgeous. A recent ...