CASE 01.


Smart media planning, research and holistic customer-focused campaigns win the day.

  • WIRELESS FOR THE PEOPLE Outdoor Billboards

    “Wireless for the People” outdoor. Posted throughout Virginia, including prominent locations along interstates 95 and 64.


    “Yes! Yes I do want to download the attachment!”

    “Wireless for the People – Enough” launch TV. Promoted nTelos’ family value plans with unlimited data.




  • WIRELESS FOR THE PEOPLE "We Are Not the Neighbors" – TV :30

    “Stand up and demand more. nTelos. Wireless for the People.”

    “Wireless for the People – We Are Not the Neighbors” launch TV. Promoted nTelos’ family value plans with unlimited data.


  • WIRELESS FOR THE PEOPLE nTelos.com Home Page

    Featured offers on nTelos.com adopt the “Wireless for the People” look.

  • WIRELESS FOR THE PEOPLE Point of Purchase

    “Wireless for the People” in-store displays include large format window banners, clings, posters and backlit panels.


How we entered an uber-competitive industry, delivered more media for less, while bringing in tons of new customers.

Smart media planning, research and holistic customer-focused campaigns win the day.

The competition in this segment is incredibly fierce. As a regional wireless provider, nTelos is literally outspent 10 to 1 by the big guys like Verizon and AT&T. What’s more, the previous agency’s creative wasn’t connecting with customers and positioned them as a “me-too” brand. We utilized our Opportunity to Sell media optimization process to identify a better way to generate more awareness and brand interest without increasing their budget. We also used our “landscape analysis” to identify where we could leverage the best opportunities and gain insights into customers and wireless shopping habits. Based on our findings, we’ve created an omni-channel approach that holistically generates interest and awareness, and leads prospects through their customer path to nTelos’ retail stores and website. Our evolving campaigns connect with customers on a deeper, human level that has ultimately moved brand perception away from “cheap wireless at a cheap price” to that of “good wireless for a fair value.”



Our media delivered 133 MILLION additional impressions without spending a dime more than they had been.

Our quarterly brand benchmarks show a consistent climb on all points. To highlight, we doubled unaided ad recall, unaided awareness and consideration rates.

The new “Wireless for the People” campaign launched with a 40% increase in year-over-year sales, the largest increase in company history, and they continue to climb at the same rate.



“Retail can become very short-term-results-focused but the Barber Martin Agency took the time to do the research and see exactly what consumers needed to know about nTelos Wireless. We count on Barber Martin to guide us on developing our brand position and most importantly driving real time sales results.”

Mike Minnis
Director of Public Relations and Creative Services
nTelos Wireless



Year over year sales increase


More impressions at no additional cost

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