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Do you buy groceries online?

Until the recent acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon the popular opinion has been that ecommerce and groceries are a slightly unnatural pairing. “People like to hand-pick their groceries” is a common sense belief. Perishability and transportation also make an risky combo when it comes to profitability and customer satisfaction.

A lot of people are still skeptical but the popular narrative seems to be shifting more toward the possibilities.

Amazon hopes to correct course on Whole Foods’ declining stock numbers and has entered the grocery game slowly and with great caution over the past few years. The expectation for success via innovation foresees a more robust brand experience at home, in-store and in between via better mobile tools and varied pickup and delivery options.

All of this “newness” intuitively points to a more progressive, likely younger, grocery shopper but a new study from eMarketer shows some surprising data about ecommerce with grocery brands and the rate of adoption by different age groups.

As of this year about a quarter of all Millennials (18+) to the oldest of the Gen Xers (in their 50's) have purchased groceries digitally. Baby Boomers are only slightly below that (21%) and Seniors over 73 register at about 12%.

As we ponder this uniformity across the generations, we tend to think the biggest difference would probably show in the frequency of the shopping behavior and types of items purchased across the age ranges. Home cleaning products and paper towels once a month are a different prospect than eggs, milk, bread and bananas every Monday and Thursday. Some shoppers are definitely more comfortable with this than others.

Nonetheless, the baseline adoption benchmark is pretty even which must be good news for the new Amazon / Amazon Fresh / Whole Foods brand to lead and learn and optimize moving forward.


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Director of Interactive Media

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