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Account Director

We need a leader, a steward, a brand champion and a trusted partner. We need someone that we can rely on to manage the client relationship and ensure profitability and quality work for both the client and the agency. We need an account director. Could that be you?


·       Own and manage the day-to-day client relationship and maintain contact with key client personnel

·       Act as a strategic partner with the client

·       Facilitate the development of thorough and effective creative briefs

·       Evaluate creative, media and strategic planning relative to strategy, client preferences and a larger business picture

·       Understand, analyze and control clients’ allotted budgets

·       Drive omni-channel campaign development, working with all agency departments

·       Offer core client communications such as timelines, budgets and descriptions of deliverables

·       Assist the CEO with client contract renewals, negotiating rates and working towards selling the client on other services the Agency offers

·       Monitor project performance based on strategy, deadlines and budget

·       Track project budgets and scopes, assess estimates to actuals, manage processes and recalibrate budget as needed

·       Participate in the presentation and selling of creative and media plans

·       Develop in-depth business reports and comprehensive competitive analyses

·       Collaborate with various departments to create marketing communications plans

·       Advocate for the business internally, and keep the team informed, focused, and enthused about the work and the business


·       Must be one that challenges the status quo and seeks alternate perspectives and approaches in developing effective advertising strategies

·       Must be interested in actively growing and developing the skills and abilities of junior staff

·       Must be a resource and advisor for all team members

·       Must be detail oriented with a “zero-defect” mentality

·       Show respect for others and be consistent, fair and honest in all business matters

·       Believe that no task is too small, be the first to pitch in with a positive attitude

·       Appreciate good creative and take an active role in staying abreast of what is happening within our industry


·       Minimum of 5 years working on account management for an advertising agency, or comparable and directly relatable work experience

Account Director
Resumes To:

let loose in the playground


You know that feeling you got when you arrived at the playground? What to do first? Ohhhhhh, the slide…no the see saw, or the merry-go-round you’ll quickly regret once you get on it. 

Yeah, the Barber Martin Playground is kinda like that. It’s a place where anything can happen. It’s for creative thinkers of all kinds. Strategy, management, art, copy, film, digital brains to meet up with real businesses and tackle their marketing challenges. For 8 weeks, interns will engage in creating game-changing communication while being guided by some of the industry's leading talent.

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