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Account Executive
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Job Description

We’re a small agency that lands big ideas. We work hard, play hard and always go beyond the call of duty. Our Account Executives are no exception. It’s about more than picking up the phone and taking orders. The AE is a partner to our clients and owns the client relationship together with the Group Account Director. This person understands the agency’s portfolio of offerings and knows how to deploy them to best help the client achieve their goals. If you like managing relationships, solving problems and wrestling new challenges every day, you’ll flourish in a group that enjoys working and playing together.


·       Assist the Group Account Director in all areas of client management.

·       Provide internal and external client service as needed in the absence of the Group Account Director.

·       Assist the Group Account Director in the opening of all jobs as needed, routing job jackets and work orders for creative/production and media.

·       Coordinate with Internal Project Manager on the respective accounts to proof all copy, layouts and expedite the client’s approval of each with the Group Account Director.

·       Maintain accurate and accessible files on all client data, including invoices, estimates, work orders (media and creative), marketing plans and research.

·       Attend all traffic meetings to verify scheduling accuracy and communicate any changes to the Group Account Director.

·       Communicate all client visits to the agency and prepare the meeting room as needed with equipment, refreshments and restore meeting room after meeting is concluded.

·       Understand how the Agency makes money and help manage the profitability of your accounts.

·       Gain a complete understanding of your client’s billing needs and ensure that what is billed each month corresponds to the client/agency contract.

·       Insure timely presentation and approval of estimates. Stay aware of budget status of all active jobs.

·       Participate in all agency training and be willing to devote personal time to augment on-the-job training with personal reading and other professionally enriching opportunities.

·       Represent the company in a professional manner and be eager to help other employees in the spirit of teamwork.

·       Show ability to work in teams – both as a member and a leader.

·       Facilitate collaboration and flow of information between all Agency disciplines on your accounts.

·       Collaborate as needed with other Agency disciplines, such as:

·       Strategic Planning: assist and support planner in primary research. Partner with planner in development of strategy and briefs.

·       Creative: Deliver constructive feedback on creative in development with key focus on strategy, business objectives and fine print details.

·       Production: Assist in development of production estimates and client approvals. Help manage talent budgets and expiration. Cover production at discretion of Group Account Director.

·       Media: Assist in development and presentation of plans to client. Facilitate collaboration between media, planning and creative teams.

·       Gain confidence in presentation abilities both internally and to clients.

·       Attend client and vendor meetings and stay abreast of all objectives and activity by acting as a liaison for creative, production, media and traffic departments.

·       Assist in the proofing and preparation of all client material, including presentation materials, final copy, layouts and invoices.

·       Provide accurate and professional written communication.

·       Document all significant conversations with clients and distribute to appropriate team members.

·       Provide weekly client status report to appropriate agency and client personnel.

·       Become an expert in your client’s business and industry. Learn the language of their business and be able to speak it as your own.

·       Track competitive and industry trends.

·       Establish strong relationships with clients and be available to them as needed.



·       Must have a minimum of 3 years comparable, advertising agency experience.

·       Must be a good listener, knowing when to ask the right questions.

·       Must show respect for others and be consistent, fair and honest in all business matters.

·       Must be energetic, organized and proactive. Since it’s advertising, a thick skin helps too.

·       Must be highly motivated and willing to tackle even the mundane tasks with a positive attitude.

·       Must have the ability to understand urgency, yet remain calm under pressure.

·       Must have the ability to prioritize and re-prioritize tasks as needed.

·       Must be a strong problem solver and quick thinker.

·       Must be detail oriented with a “zero-defect” mentality.

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