do it in richmond
Project Details:

Radio, Print, Digital, Outdoor, Social

Company Profile:

Fine Jewelry Store

this one's for 55 years

When a longtime client goes into its 55th year of business, it’s a big deal. So we celebrated the best way we knew how. We came up with a campaign that was a little cheeky, a tad unexpected and a whole lot of local.

The Do It campaign speaks to the idea that proposing is an experience, one that should be enjoyed at an intimate, local level. Every piece of the campaign somehow connects to Richmond and asks audiences to Do It, i.e. propose, in some special way. Of course, that’s only after you find the perfect ring at your favorite local jewelry store.

“Twenty-four years and hundreds of ads later, I trust Barber Martin to keep Adolf Jewelers feeling fresh.”  - Ronnie Adolf